Book Club June 2023 Nominations

It’s time for us to nominate a new book to read for the Austin Less Wrong Book Club!

We are adjusting the book club schedule slightly for this book, we will now be meeting every two weeks on Wednesdays at 6pm CST. We will evaluate how well this worked next time.

For those who aren’t familiar with the book club, we periodically choose a section of a book to read (usually a few chapters) and meet via Discord video chat to discuss the reading. It is a great way to motivate yourself to read books you otherwise would not have and to get a chance to discuss the ideas in the books at length with the other group members.

First we will have a period for everyone to submit nominations on what book we will read next. To nominate a book, just submit a response to this form with your book nomination and a brief explanation of why you think it would be a good book for us to read. You can see the list of books that have been nominated here. Once the nomination period is over we will have a voting period where we will vote on which one of the nominations we will read next. Please put in your name and be willing to commit to coming to the weekly discussion meetings regularly if your nominated book is chosen. The nomination period ends at 2023/06/18 08:00:00 CDT.

Looking forward to reading a new book with you all!

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