Book Club May 2023 Nominations

Thanks for everyone who joined us in reading The Brothers Karamazov, it was quite the ride! However it’s now time for us to start picking a new book to read.

For those who aren’t familiar with the book club, every week we choose a section of a book to read (usually a few chapters) and meet via Discord video chat to discuss the reading. It is a great way to motivate yourself to read books you otherwise would not have and to get a chance to discuss the ideas in the books at length with the other group members.

First we will have a period for everyone to submit nominations on what book we will read next. To nominate a book, just submit a response to this form with your book nomination and a brief explanation of why you think it would be a good book for us to read. You can see the list of books that have been nominated here. Once the nomination period is over we will have a voting period where we will vote on which one of the nominations we will read next. Please be willing to commit to come to the weekly discussion meetings on a regular basis if your nominated book is chosen. The nomination period ends at 2023/05/27 08:00:00 CDT.

Looking forward to reading a new book with you all!

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