Meetup 2/11: (NEW LOCATION) The Simulation Argument

NOTE: We are going to try a different location for this meetup — The Brewtorium, at 6015 Dillard Cir A, Austin, TX 78752 (By ACC Highland, near Airport Blvd and 290). Details in footer.

Theme for this time will be the Simulation Argument:

“If a (sufficiently well-)simulated being feels like a real one, and advanced civilizations eventually make lots of simulations, then most people who feel real are actually in a simulation. So you probably are too — unless those assumptions are wrong.”

Interested? Follow the link above to go down the rabbit hole, and come share your thoughts on it with local LWers.


Meetup is at the Brewtorium, 6015 Dillard Cir A, Austin, TX.  All ages welcome. We’ll take one or two long tables indoors.  Look for the LW sign. If the parking lot fills up, you can use the street or the neighboring Mother’s Milk Bank. See food and drink menu. Outside food is not allowed. Free water is provided.

We will gather and hang out from 1:30 pm. Main activity starts at 2:30.

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