Meetup 10/22: VR Intro at Private Residence

HEADS UP: This meetup is at a different location this time.  See the end of this announcement.
Our resident Virtual Reality expert will give a hands-on introduction to the current state of VR technology and what you can currently do with it. In any spare time, you’re welcome to discuss the broader issues related to VR:
  • How has VR tech advanced, and where is it going?
  • What business/media opportunities does it create?
  • Will we still have indy films/games?
  • Will it lead to neglect of the physical world?
  • Would you accept Nozick’s Experience Machine or not?
You may want to bring a personal laptop.  We will also need extra chairs for the private residence.  If you have any chairs you can bring, please sign up here.
NOTE: Meetup is at is at a private residence this time, rather than the cafe. We will have an order of breakfast tacos like for the megameetup. Contact [email protected] with a bio for directions, or ask a regular attendee.  Doors open at 1:30 pm, and the main activity will begin at 2:30 pm.

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