Cafe Meetup 7/23: Trolley problems!

What would a rationalist meetup be without some discussion of the Trolley Problem (where you decide whether to divert a trolley to hit a bystander in order to protect more people on the track)? We’ll use this as a chance to explore its many variants, inspired by the Absurd Trolley Problems site.

Note: I won’t be present, due to the rationalist leadership retreat, but Cedar has stepped up to lead this one (whom some of you may have met as Xida at this summer’s meetups).


The meetup is at Central Market, 4001 N. Lamar, in the cafe area. Look for the LW and SSC signs. People start arriving at 1:30 pm, and the main activity will begin at 2:30 pm. Please follow posted guidance and notices in the store.

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