Saturday Meetup 5/14: Meetup idea brainstorming

With the larger attendance and variety of newcomers, let’s use this change to share activities for future Saturday meetups and other events. If there’s an activity we’re not doing, or not doing enough, make the case for it!

Previous activities include: lightning talks, calibration practice with Wits and Wagers, Taboo-ing practice, favorite articles, discussion of specific articles, locking in predictions, praise for fellow members, Socratic Grilling, productivity hacks, group debugging, book reports, stories from your lives, show-and-tell.

Special occasion topics: scary aspects of rationality (around Halloween), thankfulness (around Thanksgiving), year-in-review and predictions for the next year (done at end of year).

Unfortunately, I will not be present for this one. But be sure to write down the ideas so they can make it into rotation!

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